Quick 10-Minute Stir-Fry for Fertility with Julianka Bell, MS, RD

Julianka Bell is a DC-based Registered Dietitian and one of our heralded Nutrition experts at FullWell. She's ready not only to cook with you, but to educate you on the nutritional content and best practices for preparing your ingredients!

Julianka is one of our resident creatives, and her skills know no bounds. She is the first one to acknowledge that cooking isn't always a major priority among all of the things that keep us busy day to day. That's why she's thought up some critical hacks to make cooking whole, nutrient-dense meals way easier (and tastier and less wasteful, if you can believe it). If you haven't already made a batch of her Frozen Flavor Bombs (link below), make sure you have those on hand: this video will teach you the quick and simple ways to put them to use while incorporating iron and protein into the mix.

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