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Women's Prenatal Multivitamin with Lemon Essence

Women's Prenatal Multivitamin with Lemon Essence

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Your vitamin & mineral needs are fully covered with our expert-formulated prenatal vitamin & mineral complex.

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Highlights / Why You’ll Love It:

  • RD-formulated, MD & OBGYN recommended
  • Full 3rd party testing transparency
  • Non-GMO + Allergen friendly
  • FSA / HSA eligible
  • Bioavailable nutrients
  • Essenced with organic lemon oil packet


FullWell Women's Prenatal with Lemon Essence delivers optimal, evidence-based forms and doses of nutrients in one potent yet easy-to-tolerate formula. You'll find fertility non-negotiables like folate, B12, and chelated minerals in active, bioavailable forms, plus essential pregnancy nutrients that other prenatals skimp on like choline, calcium, and magnesium. The addition of our premium, organic lemon essence packet helps balance the smell of our nutrient-dense formula to support those experiencing heightened senses during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Free of the following allergens: gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, sesame, corn, and soy.


FullWell exceeds current prenatal standards by using third-party, independent testing for harmful contaminants - including heavy metals - on every single lot we produce. To see testing results for your lot, email

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Taking Your Prenatal


If you can tolerate 8 at once, go for it! Just make sure you drink plenty of water.


4 at breakfast + 4 at lunch


Break open your capsules and mix them into your favorite cool beverage

Women's Prenatal Multivitamin with Lemon Essence FAQs

Why is the serving size 8 capsules?!

We use more choline, magnesium, and calcium than most prenatals. These three critical nutrients are BIG but necessary for healthy fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, but difficult to get enough through diet alone.

Why doesn't your prenatal contain iron?

Iron needs and tolerance vary significantly by individual. We suggest you monitor your iron status with your healthcare practitioner and if you do need supplemental iron, take it separately in appropriate doses at their recommendation. This way, you don’t risk having iron interfere with the absorption of other critical nutrients in your prenatal.

Why is my urine bright yellow after taking my vitamins?!

Both our men's and women's prenatals contain water-soluble Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). The "flavin" component, which is a bright yellow color, is responsible for the change in urine color. Yellow urine does not mean that you are not absorbing those nutrients! It is simply a normal, natural byproduct of this water-soluble B vitamin.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 297 reviews

No nausea and I feel great after taking this. It’s a win after 3 pregnancies and multiple brands tried!


These are honestly the best vitamin. I am so happy I came across this from a Reddit recommendation. And I’ll never go back to another vitamin (I take a prenatal even while not pregnant). It looks like a lot of people don’t like the amount of vitamins per day, but I feel inclined to defend it! This prenatal has way more vitamins than the others. I love that it has 200mcg selenium, 4000iu of D and even 300mg magnesium! I was supplementing those with my past prenatals, but now I don’t have to keep buying those to supplement! I’ve had no stomach issues, but always take right after a meal! Thanks for creating the ultimate vitamin!


I wish I had found these when I was still pregnant. I’m still nursing after 6 months and really felt depleted. I wanted to ensure that I am getting the most vitamins to have them transfer into my babies milk. They have been phenomenal! The only thing I will note is that the dosage was slightly off putting at first. I’ve decided to split it up throughout the day. I do 4 in the morning after breakfast and 4 in the evening after dinner.
I have noticed that the milk I pump after taking the vitamins takes on a greenish hue. That’s not a big deal though. I’m very pleased. I feel better!

Hi Samantha, we are so glad you are doing well with FullWell and have found a way to take the full dose. The greenish hue can be due to the flavins in the riboflavin and it is both normal when taking a prenatal multivitamin with riboflavin, and harmless. Thank you for sharing and being part of the FullWell community!

Bethany Pfeffer
Happily surprised

This prenatal supplement came highly recommended by my midwife. I still wasn't sure at first because a day's dose is eight capsules, and I have never been good at swallowing pills. So far I've done fine with the swallowing! I think that the hint of lemon taste has helped me get passed the mental block that I've always hit in the past.


I've only been taking these for a few weeks, but so far so good! They make me a little nauseous if I take them before eating so I definitely recommend taking them with or after a meal/snack. I don't mind the dose, I just do 4 with lunch and 4 with dinner.