FullWell Partners with 4ocean in our BIGGEST Giveback Commitment Yet


For every FullWell product you purchase, we commit to funding the removal of one pound of plastic and trash from the ocean in partnership with 4ocean.
To date, FullWell is responsible for the removal of hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic waste from our global oceans.
FullWell Partners with 4ocean in our BIGGEST Giveback Commitment Yet

We can't wait to share news on our newest partnership!

Our mission at FullWell is to produce fertility wellness products that meet exacting quality standards determined by the best available scientific research and healthcare experts. In addition, we work toward a more inclusive, even playing field in the world of healthcare, educating on the choices that support robust health and fertility while engaging our more considerable human potential for positive change.

Healthy fertility is both a need of the individual and the collective, addressing the landscape of whole health. We exist for the whole human, regardless of gender, sex, age, diagnosis, or even desire to procreate. If we want healthy fertility, we must start with healthy humans and support generational health in our communities. From there, the circle of life plays out in even greater ways, taking the health of our community and ensuring a positive feedback loop by working to create and maintain a healthier environment.

You inspire us.

Some of you may remember that in our company's infancy, we used glass bottles to deliver our supplements to you. At face value, this was a more sustainable practice, but it also resulted in much less reliable delivery. Bottles often broke in transit, and the last thing we wanted was to send you a product you couldn’t use or create inconvenience for you. 

That’s why, after ensuring it would meet our sky-high quality standards, we switched to our current, more durable, recyclable plastic packaging to ensure our products’ safety. While there have been significant advancements in sustainable packaging options in the food, beverage, and beauty industries, there are still extremely limited options for dietary supplements due to their unique requirements. We continue to work on R&D for alternative packaging in hopes of eventually moving away from plastics and even including refillable systems. Thus far, we haven’t been able to find a solution that protects our prenatal from humidity and contamination to the extent we require. So, until we are confident that sustainable packaging options will ensure the quality and safety of our products, we will continue to use recyclable plastic. 

But still - while we know our consumer base is composed of dedicated, conscientious recyclers - we have been exhaustively searching for additional ways to ensure our environmental footprint is as minimal as possible post-switch.

That’s where this new partnership comes into play.

When we met 4ocean, it was love at first sight.

We are incredibly proud of our GiveBack Program and happily support the organizations involved every year. But when we learned about 4ocean and its targeted mission to end the ocean plastic crisis, we saw it as an opportunity for our impact to go beyond our communities and start to change the world

4ocean harnesses the power of business by funding a global cleanup operation responsible for recovering millions of pounds of plastic and other debris from the ocean's ocean's rivers and coastlines, removing endocrine-disrupting chemicals and plastics that harm our hormones from our environment. Upon removal, a team of artisans recycles and repurposes these plastics, turning them into safe products like jewelry and housewares that you can purchase. They are developing new and innovative products that raise awareness about the ocean plastic crisis to empower individuals worldwide to end their reliance on single-use plastic.

The proceeds from your purchases from 4ocean go back to funding global ocean cleanup operations. What's more, the movement is growing at a break-neck pace: as of 2022, 200+ full-time employees work seven days a week across Florida, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Guatemala to clean the ocean, and they do it for us.

Since 2017, 4ocean has removed almost 25 million pounds of plastic.

But how does FullWell play into it all?

The work of 4ocean impacts doesn't just marine life, but the coastal communities that rely on the ocean's health to survive. Surprise: even for those who don’t live on a coast (sigh), the ocean's health affects you on many levels, too! 

(You take fish oil with DHA, right? If not, learn why you should.)

Our community's generational health and shared future will be shaped by economic, social, and environmental sustainability now more than ever. 

So as of September 1, 2022 for every FullWell product you purchase, we commit to funding the removal of one pound of plastic and trash from the ocean in partnership with 4ocean.

What's more, we couldn't wait to start and committed to removing 18,000lbs right out of the gate! So this month, we join 4ocean and their other partners from small businesses, non-profits, and global brands to work toward sharing responsibility for the environment.

How you can help

Support purpose-driven brands like ours whose products and mission minimize toxic environmental exposure and actively look to reduce it. Additionally, keep three things in mind in everyday life.

1. Nudge, don't judge.

Human nature tells us that often people aren't open to changing their minds or habits when they feel attacked or belittled. So, for instance, rather than casting judgment on your friend who can't remember to recycle her iced coffee cup, offer to do it for her. 

"I'm finished, too. I'll recycle both." 

This way, you plant the seed for behavior change rather than launching into a speech that shuts the listener down. Then, you can go the distance and teach her how to make her own cold brew at home to save time, money, and plastic!

(Funnily, this method can help you in other areas as well. For example, we see it in healthcare all of the time. We've given this advice before (especially when talking to men about how certain habits affect their fertility) — but leading the way toward [eating bettertaking vitamins, exercising more, getting more sleepfinding ways to de-stress] can often inspire lasting, positive change.

2. Small changes can yield BIG results.

Seemingly inconsequential actions build up more significant habits. We know that it can sometimes feel like a lost cause to do something as small as pick up a piece of someone else's litter, but what if everyone did it? In the same way your health benefits from taking two seconds to swallow your multivitamin and mineral complex daily, our environment could be vastly improved by more people completing small, meaningful actions.

3. Think outside of yourself.

Everything gets better for everyone when we step outside of our boxes. We almost feel like this one is a silly reminder because we know the FullWell community is notoriously kind and generous in spirit. Still, it's important to remember this in all aspects of our lives. Just because a problem doesn't directly affect you doesn't mean it's not a problem. We are all part of the same race living on the same planet, and it's only right we do the work to make it better for all.

Final thoughts

Take a deeper dive into 4ocean's products and mission, and rest assured knowing that when you support FullWell, you're helping them, plus all of the fantastic organizations that are part of our GiveBack Program. Be on the lookout for upcoming events, promotions, and initiatives! When we work together, there's nothing we can't achieve. 

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...times 10. And our sustainability efforts are only just beginning.
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