The Science Behind Our Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture

Formulated to calm your nervous system and encourage a sound night’s sleep when you need it the most*

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Improving your sleep is crucial to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and after childbirth. Even if it's just a couple of nights of not-so-great sleep – where your sleep is broken up, disrupted, or you're not sleeping enough or too much – it can mess with the hormones your body makes and how it handles stress. Interestingly, the same part of the brain that deals with these hormones, like cortisol and melatonin, which help control when you're awake or asleep, is also essential for getting pregnant and having a successful pregnancy. So, taking care of your sleep can give your body the best chance at these critical life stages. 

Our Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture was designed with organic, safe, effective herbs to support the hormonal shifts, sleep, and the life-changing adjustments that growing and caring for a new baby brings.* Formulated by founder, Registered Dietitian, and herbalist Ayla Barmmer, Nourished Nerves is a first-of-its-kind supplement packed with beneficial nervines to soothe the nervous system and encourage quality sleep, making it ideal for those looking for natural solutions.*

Herbal Nervines to Soothe Your Nerves and Help You Sleep Peacefully

When you're stressed out, your sleep can suffer. And when your sleep is disrupted, it can make stress even worse. This is especially important to consider when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and after giving birth. All these stages rely on the right balance of sleep, stress, and hormones.

We've put together a unique blend of herbs to help soothe your nerves and help you sleep peacefully:

  1. Relaxant Nervines: Dive into the soothing embrace of herbs like lemon balm and chamomile. Let their calming properties wash away tension as if you're wrapped in a blanket of relaxation, paving the way for a serene sleep.
  2. Tonic Nervines: Nurture your nervous system with the nourishing touch of milky oats. Think of these as a nutritious meal for your nervous system. Just like how you need good food to stay healthy, herbs like milky oats nourish and support your nerves.
  3. Stimulant Nervines: Experience the delightful sensation of ginger, a gentle stimulant for your nervous and digestive system.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Safe

Our herbal formula is designed with the utmost care and safety in mind, ensuring it is safe during pregnancy. You can rely on it as a trusted companion throughout your journey from preconception to pregnancy and even into the transformative postpartum phase.

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Testing Transparency

Our manufacturing process is completely transparent and is overseen by health practitioners at every stage. Each batch is tested in-house for contaminants, allergens, and heavy metals, and we always have an independent, certified lab confirm our results.

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Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture FAQs

How often should I take Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture?

Nourished Nerves can be helpful any time of the day, whether to calm an excited, nervous system or help support a smooth transition to bedtime. 1 serving (2 individual squeezes of the dropper bulb) 1-3 times daily or as your health practitioner recommends. For additional sleep support, take two droppersful one hour before bedtime and one dropperful just before bedtime or in case you wake up at night. Your qualified herbalist or health practitioner may suggest different dosing strategies depending on your situation. 

What is the best way to take Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture?

Our tincture can be taken in a variety of ways—straight into your mouth, in a bit of sparkling or still water, in hot water as a tea, or in your favorite beverage. Feel free to experiment.

Is it safe to use Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture while breastfeeding, given that it contains alcohol?

Yes, the amount of alcohol in the finished product is less alcohol than most bread, juice, and ripe bananas.

Can I take Nourished Nerves Calming Tincture with my medication?

If you are taking thyroid medication, use caution with taking any dietary supplements at the same time as your medication, as they may interfere with their effectiveness. While lemon balm can interact with thyroid medication at large doses, the amount of lemon balm included in our blend is not expected to alter the effectiveness of your thyroid medication. However, we always recommend that you discuss with your healthcare provider whether Nourished Nerves can be taken along with your medication.