Unwind with Herbal Nervines


Nervines are a grouping of herbs used to nourish and support the central nervous system.
Many within this classification of herbs are thought to restore balance and help manage anxiety that physically manifests within the body.
Unwind with Herbal Nervines

The end of summer can unceremoniously pour a wash of emotions over the entire family. From nervous kids going back to school to parents who absorb their stress (often when their cups are already full!), we could all use help diluting some of that nervous energy.

It’s times like this that make us all wish for a literal chill pill just to take the edge off.

While there is currently a ton of buzz around adaptogens, we think it can be a good idea to turn to nervines in times like these. We're not anti-adaptogen by any stretch (in fact, we may or may not be considering adding a high-quality adaptogenic supplement to our ranks in the future). Still, as an herbalist, FullWell Founder Ayla Barmmer, MS, RD, LDN feels that nervines are massively underappreciated.

Wait, what is a nervine?

Nervines are a grouping of herbs used to nourish and support the central nervous system, restoring balance and quelling anxieties that physically manifest within the body. Like adaptogens, nervines can help build your resiliency to stress over time but can just as easily come to the rescue when dealing with acute stress. 

Some adaptogens can be stimulating, but nervines are always relaxing and soothing. We selected specific herbs and nervines to formulate our Nourished Nerves tincture. Not only do they fortify the foundation of the central nervous system for long-term benefit, but they are unique in that they are safe to utilize throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding when stress tends to run high. 

Another testament to their safety: Nervines are very common in products you already use. Take a look inside your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You might have been relying on help from nervines all along!

For those dealing with a new school year, extra stress comes whether we're juggling our studies, working, or managing our family’s education. And yes, stress-by-proxy is a thing: sending a little one to daycare or preschool for the first time or throwing a teenager into the ruthless jungle of middle school is terrifying for you, too!

As autumn sets in, it can bring about massive change. Moving into more rigid schedules after a less-structured summer shocks the system and overall mindset.

  • Every fall, we tend to start wrapping our minds around:
  • Waking up earlier
  • Eating breakfast (which, for some, is a challenge in those early hours)
  • Meeting new people
  • Making friends
  • Facing new social situations
  • Using more brain power (bye-bye, summer Fridays!)
  • Winding down earlier (and hopefully, faster!) 

That said, gentle nervines are a safe way to bring calm to your days and relaxation to your nights, especially when you or your family is working through significant transitions. Incorporate them when you need them most in a way that is manageable for your current lifestyle. 

We've broken our suggestions down into three easy options.

Option 1: Weave nervines throughout your entire day

The stark contrast against the relaxing days of summer can feel jarring and cause us all to take extra time shaking out our nerves before bed. It may sound counter-intuitive, but trying to relax and prepare for sleep throughout the entire day can helpSip lemon balm tea in the morning, or keep some natural lavender in your workspace to freshen up the air. Our Nourished Nerves tincture can also be a fantastic asset in a water bottle to help keep you feeling balanced and ready to face the day until pick-up time.

And if you’re worried about nervines making you tired at inopportune moments, don’t. 

“"[Nourished Nerves] Has helped me sleep even through the stress of returning to work. Recommend!" - Amanda P.”
Nourished Nerves Calming Tonic

Nourished Nerves promotes restful sleep. It is not a sleep aid and does not behave as such. While sleep aids tend to help you fall into deep sleep rapidly, nervine solutions like Nourished Nerves work to help improve the quality of sleep. Consistently utilizing Nourished Nerves may allow you to unwind more quickly once you are consciously in that wind-down phase at night and may support sleeping more soundly, waking less often, and feeling fully rested come morning. 

But a mid-day crash? Not going to happen. 

Option 2: Reserve nervines for “me time.”

We know putting the rest of your family first is easy, but nothing runs without you. Your stress and sleep support affect not just you but your entire household and everyone with whom they interact.

If you’re not someone who carries around a water bottle or thermos all day, consider incorporating Nourished Nerves into your pre-bedtime routine. Don’t be afraid to make it a treat! The best part about our herbal Nourished Nerves tincture is that it is incredibly safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, which makes it ideal for mocktails. Our team loves this Tart Cherry Mocktail recipe packed with big nervine energy, vital nutrients, and delicious flavor.

“"[Nourished Nerves] has helped myself and my clients get a more restful sleep even when waking with kids and a baby. I was able to fall back asleep easier than before. As a registered dietitian, I appreciate the quality and thought that went into this product. There are few pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe options for calming a mama's nervous system, and to have one now is a game changer for myself and my clients. This is essential for every mama during higher stress times, in my opinion!" - Christina Paxton, MS, RDN”

Option 3: Take them like a liquid vitamin 

If you don’t have the foresight to include nervines into your day and lack time to shake them into a mocktail in the evening, you can - for lack of a better term - “shoot it straight” at a moment’s notice.

“"I've been taking Nourished Nerves after I wake up in the middle of the night to feed my baby, and it helps me get back to sleep much faster. Very grateful for this product!" - Jackie T.”

Our advice? Keep it simple, and trust us to provide you with a high-quality nervine tincture. You won't regret adding these herbs to your routine, and you can save 10% when you subscribe. 

If you're looking to dive deeper into the benefits of herbs, stay with us to keep learning! Ayla's expertise in herbal medicine is vast and genuinely fascinating for those not dialed into natural herbal remedies.

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