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The role of fertile, healthy sperm goes beyond just conception. Sperm quality, motility (movement), and morphology (shape and size) all contribute to an overall healthy pregnancy and the health of baby over the long term. FullWell’s Vitality + Virility is an evidenced-based formula designed to support optimal sperm production, hormone health, and overall male fertility. Several of the nutrients can work synergistically to support sperm parameters (motility, quality, and structure), healthy free-radical defenses, hormone levels, and overall wellness.


In order to better prepare your body and sperm for conception, you should ideally start taking Vitality + Virility at least three to six months prior to trying to conceive. The average man produces 50-100 million sperm daily, but it takes about 2-3 months for them to fully mature. During this period, it’s critical to support developing spermatids with optimal nutrients that support free-radical defenses.* This is a supportive formula for men’s preconception, but can also be used to continue to support overall health and vitality over the long term.*

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Taking Your Prenatal

Our serving size can be intimidating, especially compared to many other prenatal supplements on the market, but FullWell Prenatal contains optimal levels of choline, magnesium, and calcium to support and protect your fertility and pregnancy. These three critical nutrients can be difficult to get enough of through diet alone. In fact, approximately 90%–95% of pregnant women consume less choline than the prescribed Adequate Intake (AI) levels. FullWell Prenatal ensures the appropriate amounts, forms, and quality of all critical nutrients. And the good news is our thoroughly researched supplement is designed to be very well-tolerated, and can be taken in divided doses, mixed into your favorite cool beverage or food, or taken as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

4 capsules twice daily
with food

Mix with oatmeal,
smoothie, or yogurt

Blend into
a cold drink