The 2022 FullWell Gift Guide: Postpartum Edition

The 2022 FullWell Gift Guide: Postpartum Edition

Compiled, researched, and tested by the FullWell Team

Welcome to the third and final installment in our three-part gift guide series! We’ve spent all of 2022 picking and choosing our favorite picks of the best products for every stage of fertility for ALL of the men and women in your life. There’s no way you’ll make it through the end of our guides without some goodies for your loved ones! In our postpartum edition, search for gifts that will be helpful not just for new mamas but for the entire family. We know our community is extra careful to choose products that don’t just support a healthy postpartum recovery but avoid problematic ingredients.




Often, the best gift you can give a mama who is freshly postpartum is the gift of convenience. After all, she is busy figuring out how to have another human around, feed it, and feel like everything is in one piece again. That’s why we’re starting with these easy-to-gift services that can take a lot of unnecessary worry off mama’s plate at a time when all she really needs is a twelve-hour nap. 


meal train


Meal Train takes the hassle out of scheduling community support, so this is more of a tool to use in-process. List your recipient and start inviting other family, friends, and members of the community to collaborate. That way, you can stay organized while passing the baton to bring mom healthy meals that will nourish her and help her feel like a human again (without having to experience the very human feeling of stressing over dinner). This is a highly cost-effective way to provide for new parents while also rallying and showing them how much they are loved! The best part is that Meal Train can be used for any situation, so keep this site in your back pocket for whatever life may bring to you and your loved ones. It always helps to have connection.



nest collaborative


Everyone is on their own journey when is comes to breastfeeding, so if you know a loved one wishes to breast feed or is getting off to a rocky start with it, booking them a virtual session (or several) with one of the International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants at Nest Collaborative can help guide new parents through the breastfeeding process with confidence. Like us, they take an evidence-based approach to their coaching, advice, support, and guidance, advocating for what parents want out of the experience, and will even tap in to work with you primary care team.


mutu mama


The reality of life postpartum is that may take a while for new moms to feel like themselves again in their bodies. MUTU Mama is a movement and workout system pioneering, body-positive, medically-recommended methods for those who have just given birth. They provide short sessions (think 12-22 minutes!) that include proven techniques to improve pelvic and abdominal symptoms from diastasis recti to embarrassing leaks, painful sex, or prolapse symptoms, helping new moms regain the body confidence and dignity they deserve.




butcher box


Sometimes, when we’re grocery shopping in a rush, we forget to look for the reassurances we know we want with our meats. But Butcher Box makes everything easier. Like, way easier. They deliver high-quality cuts straight to your door. 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood can be delivered to your loved one’s door on their schedule to ensure they are getting the proteins and fats they need to keep up with feeding their new little one! Shipping is always free and you can cancel anytime.



misfits markets


Misfits Markets understands how expensive it is to eat healthily. But with almost half of the food grown in the US getting thrown out because it can't be sold (e.g., too big, too small, a little misshapen, etc.), they saw a way to fix the affordability issue. Misfits Markets takes in high-quality food that grocery stores would rather let go to waste and finds a kitchen for every item. This is a great way to help cut down on food waste as a collective! Simply enter your loved one’s zip to see what’s available in their area, and send them a care package of much-needed groceries and produce! Side note: their blog is really fun and has golden nuggets of cool information!



fullwell prenatal bundle subscription


Just like during pregnancy, getting in ALL of the nutrients in our comprehensive women’s prenatal and FullWell Fish Oil + DHA is key. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, mom needs those nutrients not just for her but for baby. We know it might seem odd to give supplements as a gift, but gifting your loved one a monthly subscription to our prenatal bundle is not only wholly necessary but an awesome way to save 15% every month. Easy peasy!





period underwear


When you’re recovering from a deeply physical endeavor, the last thing you want is to be squishing yourself into constricting undergarments. Plus, the postpartum body simply needs more from its skivvies: between breastfeeding and recovery from vaginal births or C-sections, the groin to neck area is in disarray. ModiBodi brings order to the chaos, offering leak-proof bras with superior support and absorbency undies that can be used during postpartum and beyond as sustainable, reusable period underwear.



nursing top


It’s hard to have a newborn in colder months. Mom bundles up in her favorite layers, big cozy sweaters and fuzzy warm pullovers, and then the moment she’s warm and toasty - BAM - time for another feeding. This long-sleeved nursing tee from Hatch is a great solution. Designed with nursing in mind, their super soft,100% organic Pima cotton tee is designed with a second overlayer at the front that pulls open to a center slit for easy-access feeds that won’t let the breeze in.







FullWell Team Member, Registered Dietitian, and new mother Julianka highly recommends Beckoning of the Wind: An Ode to Motherhood by Mariah Maddox. This collection of poems and stories celebrates motherhood, womanhood, and the miracle of creating another being. Maddox explores how through giving birth, a mother is also reborn.


bone broth

If you follow us on social (or read our Preconception Gift Guide), you know how much we love bone broth. Its benefits are vast for all stages of fertility, packing much-needed protein and exploding with electrolytes. In Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook by Marco Canora, you’ll find recipes for the famous, flavorful, nutritious broths and ideas on how to incorporate them into recipes as a daily health practice. This is a perfect gift for nourishing mom and baby way beyond the fourth trimester.



face mask


Golde Papaya Bright Exfoliating Face Mask is another Julianka favorite, made with 100% pure superfoods like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn berry. Nutrient-dense and packed with Vitamin C, this powder-to-gel formula boasts that it carries the aroma of a tropical vacation, gently exfoliating for an even glow.




Sometimes the best gift you can give a new mom or dad is a few moments of peace. For those tending to a newborn and older kids, a box (or heck, a subscription!) from KiwiCo. can give mom and dad a breather while occupying the big kids with cool, fun, expertly-designed games and projects tailored to their age that will teach them to think for themselves and hone their problem-solving skills.


nourished nerves


Do you know what goes well with free time? A mocktail and a bath. Or a meditation. Or a nap. New parents often need help unwinding the nervous system and settling in for a sound night's sleep. That’s where our herbal Nourished Nerves tincture comes in. Filled with nourishing nervines, this natural tincture was expertly created for women before, during, and (especially) after pregnancy to help promote relaxation and ease into a sound night’s rest.* Bridging science and nature, our Registered Dietitian and herbalist formulated tincture blends together broad spectrum herbs to support the nervous system.*


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