Our Women's Prenatal with Lemon Essence is BACK!

Our Women's Prenatal with Lemon Essence is BACK!

We've got exciting news!
With the number of you experiencing heightened senses (thanks, hormones), we're bringing you an option to make it easier to take your prenatal.

(Re)introducing FullWell Women's Prenatal with Lemon Essence!

As you know, our prenatal is rich in choline and other minerals that for some, carry a stronger scent than other prenatals that contain much lower doses. The issue: You and baby need LOTS of these critical nutrients now more than ever. It's not the time to cut corners, especially when there is a solution! 
(Maybe that's why FullWell was top-rated by Forbes for its champion choline content! READ MORE
By popular demand, we are thrilled to bring back this supportive option at no extra cost and without compromising our formula. We've added the option to purchase your prenatal with the addition of a small, food-safe sachet of lemon essential oil from organic lemons to "essence" your capsules and freshen up the scent. Because our senses of smell and taste are so closely linked, you may even experience a light lemon taste.


Want to swap lemon into your subscription? Switching out your original prenatal subscription for the lemon version is easy, and you can save an additional 5% AND get FREE shipping when you upgrade to a 3-month subscription!

First, log into your account and select "MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION".



Next, select which "PRODUCT" you'd like to swap. NOTE: If you subscribe to a bundle that includes our Women's Prenatal that you want to swap out, select the bundle.



Then, select "SWAP PRODUCT".



You'll then be given the option to "SELECT" the new lemon version. Just look for the lemon stamp!


Finally, confirm your shipping frequency and tap "SWAP PRODUCT".


It's that easy. Remember, if you run into any issues, you can always reply directly to this email or reach out to cs@fullwellfertility.com. Click this link to manage your subscription now!


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